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Creating Legacy Since 1998

Who We Are?

Founded and led by Ashish Bhagoria, a visionary entrepreneur; Ashnet Consulting Pvt Ltd, is an exclusive Business Success Management Company with a rich history of creating and transforming businesses into sustainable, scalable, and profitable ventures since 1998.

What We Do?

For entrepreneurs dissatisfied with their current sales revenue and seeking an immediate boost in their customer base, our proven excellence expansion strategy, combined with a collaborative business success model, acts as the ultimate problem solver to achieve their goals.

How We Do?

We integrate the power of forecasting to create a strategic roadmap that enhances performance, efficiency and brand value, leading towards tangible and measurable financial growth. We walk hand-in-hand with our clients, providing support during implementation.

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Meet The Brain Behind

Ashish Bhagoria - Founder & M.D.

Let’s meet the brain behind it all – Ashish Bhagoria, the Founder and Managing Director Ashnet Consulting Pvt Ltd. Ashish is a serial entrepreneur. His journey began with a fire for entrepreneurship at a young age when he was completing his Masters in Computer Applications. Since then, he has launched 3 technology ventures, a chain of 12 leading institutions and a media brand having reach across 192 countries.

Now, he is leading Ashnet Consulting, a strategic business success management company. Through his proven strategies, he is empowering countless entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses, no matter what size and stage they are.

Ashish is not only a strategist, but also a stock trading coach and a learner of astrology. His life journey inspired him to write a highly acclaimed book: “Managing Business through Human Psychology”, known for its practical advice and actionable insights.

A Walkthrough of Excellence: A Pictorial Journey

Managing Business through Human Psychology

A Handbook for Entrepreneurs, known for its practical advice and actionable insights.

Written by – Ashish Bhagoria

Managing Business through Human Psychology

A Handbook for Entrepreneurs, known for its practical advice and actionable insights.

Written by – Ashish Bhagoria

Recognition of Initiatives

Talk to us now and say goodbye to your business challenges!

Talk to us now and say goodbye to your business challenges!

Case Studies

Successfully created a demand for technologically advanced telecom products and developed an extensive channel network, reaching remote areas in the region.

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Maintained profitability for 15 years, showcasing the sustainability of the implemented strategies. PTU became synonymous with accredited and recognized education in the region.

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Demonstrating the effectiveness of a practical, industry-focused approach, the franchise model facilitated a rapid market entry, with 12 institutions signing up on the day of the program’s launch.

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Played a crucial role in catalyzing a cultural shift in the region, making digital transformation an integral part of the business strategies, successfully attracting clients from diverse sectors.

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Became a renowned online news network, ranking first on Google search results. Achieved a reach in 192 countries, connecting with Indians abroad and providing a global platform for the state news.

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Achieved global visibility and recognition including listing of international events, conferences and seminars without active promotion, showcasing the effectiveness of its architecture.

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Our Prestigious Clients

Our clients are from across all sectors of industry.

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Our Strategic Models

Strategic Business Forecasting

Entrepreneurs are acutely aware of WHY they are struggling to grow and expand their business. However, the real quandary lies in not knowing HOW and WHEN these challenges can be effectively overcome.

Building the Business Excellence Pyramid isn’t just about the present; it’s about crafting a future of certainty and success. This is where Strategic Forecasting comes into play, allowing us to eliminate uncertainty and gain a crystal-clear vision of what lies ahead for taking the right steps in advance to turn things in our favor.

Any Business Can Develop

We believe that Any Business Can Develop, and we’ve created this program to prove it. The ABCD of Entrepreneurship is more than just an acronym; it’s a comprehensive program that covers all the essential aspects of business management.

Any Business Can Develop is based on the concept of business management cycle which defines 6 core functional areas of an organization. All these functional areas are interconnected and interdependent. Through this program, entrepreneurs are empowered to effectively manage the process.

Excellence Expansion Strategy

The Excellence Expansion Strategy is focused on constructing the Business Excellence Pyramid – a creation of Ashnet Consulting.

The Excellence Pyramid is a foundation for building unshakable business models for long-term growth and sustainability. This iconic pyramid represents more than just an image; it embodies a powerful concept that displays the six vital layers of a solid and well-aligned business. Its impact is transformative, providing a blueprint for businesses to achieve enduring success.

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Managing Business through Human Psychology