Professional Education Program (PEP) | Bridging the Gap in Corporate Skills

Industry: Education

This case study illustrates the success of the Professional Education Program in addressing the skill gap and improving the employability of students. The innovative training model, franchise strategy, and rapid market penetration contributed to the project’s overall success, creating a lasting impact on the education and corporate training landscape in the region.


Initiated in 2006, the Professional Education Program (PEP) aimed to address the gap between the skill sets of students pursuing higher degrees and the industry demand, leading to suboptimal salary packages. The primary objective was to enhance corporate skills, focusing on personality development, communication, management, and IT knowledge for office operations.


  • Skill Gap in Students: Students with higher degrees lacked essential corporate skills, impacting their employability and salary prospects.
  • Innovative Training Approach: Designing a program that went beyond traditional courses, focusing on practical exposure and industry-relevant skills.
  • Market Entry Strategy: Choosing between establishing proprietary training institutions or adopting a franchise model for program delivery.

Strategic Solution

Program Development

Identified the key parameters for success—personality, communication, management skills, and IT knowledge—and integrated them into the PEP. The unique six-month corporate training program utilized activity-based methodologies.

Innovative Training Structure

Abandoned conventional textbooks, emphasizing practical exposure to industry-relevant scenarios. Industry professors, not traditional teachers, delivered the training.

Franchise Model

Opted for a franchise model to swiftly launch the program in the market. Successfully attracted 12 franchise institutions on the launch day, forming the initial network.

Ultimate Outcome

Successful Market Entry

The franchise model facilitated a rapid market entry, with 12 institutions signing up on the day of the program’s launch.

Placement Success

PEP’s unique approach translated into improved employability for students, with PEP-affiliated centers reporting higher placement rates.

Network Expansion

Over the two-year period, the project expanded its network, establishing a presence in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, creating a robust reach in the region.

Industry Impact

PEP not only enhanced the employability of students but also influenced the perception of corporate training, demonstrating the effectiveness of a practical, industry-focused approach.