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Industry: Online News Portal

This case study highlights the strategic vision of HIM SAMACHAR in pioneering online news delivery in Himachal Pradesh. By prioritizing real-time news coverage, building a robust network, and embracing technological advancements, HIM SAMACHAR not only became the go-to source for Himachal news but also achieved global recognition and profitability within a short span.


  • ¬†Introduce a dedicated online news portal for Himachal Pradesh in an era dominated by print media.

  • Connect people with instant and up-to-date news coverage.

  • Establish a robust online presence and become the go-to source for Himachal news.


  • Limited popularity of online news portals in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Competing against established print media.
  • Building a reliable network of reporters and bureaus across the state.

Strategic Solution

Instant News Coverage

Recognizing the need for real-time news, HIM SAMACHAR focused on providing instant coverage of the latest stories, differentiating itself from print media.

Network Building

Established a strong network of reporters, thinkers, and bureaus across Himachal Pradesh to ensure instant news updates and comprehensive coverage.

SEO Optimization

Employed strategic SEO practices to rank as the top result on Google for keywords related to Himachal News, gaining a competitive edge over national news channels.

Global Reach

Leveraged mobile technology to connect not only with local leaders but also with people in remote areas, achieving popularity not just in Himachal Pradesh but in 192 countries worldwide.

Diverse Subscriber Base

Attracted a diverse subscriber base of 20 lakh readers, including individuals in other countries seeking news about Himachal Pradesh.

Continuous Technological Upgrades

Kept pace with evolving technology, ensuring the website remained user-friendly and technologically advanced.


Global Recognition

HIM SAMACHAR became a renowned online news portal, ranking first on Google search results for relevant keywords.

Widespread Readership

Achieved a reach in 192 countries, connecting with Indians abroad and providing a global platform for Himachal news.

Profitable Venture

Secured advertising partnerships with government bodies, political parties, and corporate entities, transforming into a profitable and successful venture within two years.