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What will be covered in the workshop?

Get ready for an interactive, engaging and  full of activities 

Gain valuable insights into your customer journey process

Uncover key touchpoints and streamline your customer journey for enhanced understanding and optimization.

Define and refine your future goals with clarity and precision

Harness the power of focused goal-setting techniques to crystalize your vision for future success.

The right way to become first choice of your clients

Learn strategic approaches to position yourself as the preferred solution for your clients’ needs, becoming their top choice.

Attracting clients of your choice you want to work with

Discover effective methods to attract and engage with the specific clientele that aligns with your business objectives and values.

Make the conversion process easier and stressfree

Simplify and streamline your conversion strategies to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Craft a meticulous action plan to turn your goal into reality

Develop a detailed and strategic roadmap to transform your goals into tangible achievements and milestones.

Who is the workshop for

This Workshop is customized for service industry entrepreneurs who are

Stuck at same level and are struggling to find the right way to grow

Ready to take quick and decisive action toward their personal and business success

Seeking to break through barriers by implementing proven strategies for sustainable growth

Aspiring to cultivate a visionary mindset that fosters long-term financial stability

Creating Legacy Since 1998

Success Stories

Successfully created a demand for technologically advanced telecom products and developed an extensive channel network, reaching remote areas in the region.

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Maintained profitability for 15 years, showcasing the sustainability of the implemented strategies. PTU became synonymous with accredited and recognized education in the region.

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Demonstrating the effectiveness of a practical, industry-focused approach, the franchise model facilitated a rapid market entry, with 12 institutions signing up on the day of the program’s launch.

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Played a crucial role in catalyzing a cultural shift in the region, making digital transformation an integral part of the business strategies, successfully attracting clients from diverse sectors.

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Became a renowned online news network, ranking first on Google search results. Achieved a reach in 192 countries, connecting with Indians abroad and providing a global platform for the state news.

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Achieved global visibility and recognition including listing of international events, conferences and seminars without active promotion, showcasing the effectiveness of its architecture.

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Meet The Brain Behind

Ashish Bhagoria - Founder & M.D.

Ashnet Consulting Pvt Ltd is an exclusive strategic growth company that specializes in transforming businesses through 360° quick-results strategies and intelligent tools.

Founded and led by Ashish Bhagoria, a visionary serial entrepreneur and author of the book “Managing Business Through Human Psychology”, our company has a rich history of launching multiple successful ventures and empowering entrepreneurs across all sectors.

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📅 Friday, 12 April 2024 🕗 08:00 PM

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📅 Friday, 12 April 2024 🕗 08:00 PM

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