It is a very typical and a common question that every website owner asks. Both the tasks involve some investment and where should the investment be done. This can simply be answered through another question ‘Is it Restaurant or Food that generates more revenue?’. I think that most of the readers have got their answer. Your website is your restaurant and content is the food that you serve.

Technically both, the website and content should be optimized as per parameters and algorithms of search engine so that when a keyword or keyphrase is searched, your information should appear on top position of search results. To make the information easily and quickly searchable through a search engine using its own intelligence, the optimization of website architecture and content is done, which is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

To relate it with the example of restaurant and food, it is something like your restaurant is in a city where so many other restaurants are doing business but you want that anybody visiting your city should find your restaurant first. So, to make your business place more easily accessible, first of all you would have to acquire some space on main highway or at some prime location of the city on main road. Then you would place lot of hoardings, signboards and direction signs so that people can easily reach to your restaurant. You will also have to give a unique and different look to your building. In addition to this you will require to list your restaurant in all enquiry centres so that if people ask about a restaurant, your name is recommended. Obviously, if you do all these efforts and invest your money in getting an accessible prime location and making it convenient for your customer to reach to your restaurant with help of signboards, listing and other stuff, you will get more volume of customers than what other restaurants in same city will get. This scenario explains how you generate revenue through strong SEO.

Now let us try to understand another scenario where your competition is still with the same restaurants of same city but your strategy is different. This time your total focus is on preparing and serving delicious food to your customers. You don’t acquire any prime location in the city. Your restaurant is located in some remote location. You have not placed any hoarding, signboards or direction signs. You are not even listed with any enquiry centre. You have not even given any extraordinary look to the building. But you have special food, which no other restaurant serves. Your recipe is unique and you serve authentic food. In this case you have created your own identity by serving best food. When new customers taste your food, they start revisiting your place and recommend your restaurant to other customers, which again generates a huge volume of new and your loyal customers. When you gain popularity, people start finding your restaurant. They will use their own search techniques to find you. This scenario explains how you generate revenue through strong Content.

Finally imagine a scenario where your restaurant is famous for the food that you serve and your restaurant is also easily accessible and searchable. Yes, you will always be on first and top position. In my opinion and experience with SEO and Content, both are important and essential and you cannot ignore any of them. Without restaurant you cannot serve good food and without good food you cannot run a restaurant. Finally you will have to focus on both, SEO and Content if you want to generate revenue. The only option available is that which one you pick on first phase and how you prioritize your focus on SEO and Content initially.

Written by:

Ashish Bhagoria
Managing Director
Ashnet Consulting Private Limited

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