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5th April to 7th April 2023

07:30 PM to 09:00 PM IST

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"Join our 3-day Stock Market Startup Workshop to learn basic concepts and strategies for investing in the stock market and to gain the skills and knowledge you need to make smart investment decisions."

Here is something that Ashish Bhagoria,
your stock trading trainer wants to share with you!

"Before developing my trading program, I spoke to 127 people who started learning the stock market as a beginner but failed miserably and quit trading.

Then I asked them a few questions and the same question I am asking you:
  1. Are you struggling to understand the complex terms and concepts in the stock market?
  2. Are you letting your emotions control your trading?
  3. Do you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to trading in the stock market?
  4. Are you having trouble sticking to a trading plan and making disciplined decisions?
  5. Are you relying on others for stock market tips without doing your own research?
To My Surprise, everyone said "YES" to the above questions. In Addition to the above, they told me the following things:
  • I have been burned by the stock market in the past, and now I am too scared to get back in.
  • I am tired of wasting money on stocks that never seem to go anywhere.
  • I feel like I am always playing catch-up in the stock market, never quite able to keep up with the latest trends. 
  • I am struggling to find the time to learn about the stock market amidst my busy schedule.
  • I feel like I am constantly second-guessing myself when it comes to trading.

If you also have the same feeling, then our Free 3-Day Live Stock Market Kickstart Workshop is perfect for you.

Join this workshop, if you want to:

  • Learn how to navigate the market like a pro!
  • Make informed decisions based on data, not feelings!
  • Gain the experience you need to thrive in the market!
  • Learn how to trade like a pro with our proven strategies!
  • Conquer your fear of trading!
  • Master the markets in just a few hours a week!
  • Gain the confidence to make informed decisions and win big in the stock market!


But value is unlimited. Participants get surprised by the tremendous value they receive from this free workshop.

Unlock the Secrets to Successful Trading:

Join Our 3-Day Stock Market Kickstart Workshop and Get Ready to Dominate!

3 Secrets you will uncover at the end!

Price Direction

Discover if the price of a share is going up or down

Buy-Sell Timing

Learn to identify the most profitable entry-exit points

Short Selling

Learn to make money even when share price is going down


  • What is a share exactly?
  • Why do stock prices seem to fluctuate randomly?
  • Where can you buy and sell shares?
  • What do IPOs, FPOs, and open market prices mean?
  • What is the difference between investing and trading?
  • Think a falling market means there are no opportunities? Think again.
  • Which is right for you: fundamental analysis or technical analysis?
  • What are trading accounts and DMAT accounts?
  • What are the various types of charts utilized in the stock market?
  • What is a candle and what are the hidden features of this potent stock market instrument?
  • What is candlestick charting, and how can it enhance your trading proficiency?
  • How can various time frames impact your stock market transactions?
  • What's the key to flourishing stock market trading? It commences with identifying the trend.
  • How to detect trend reversals before they occur.
  • What are support and resistance, and why do they hold significance?
  • Acquire expertise in plotting trend-lines like a professional!
  • Recognize the ideal buying and selling positions.
  • Mastering Candlestick Shapes: Decode the Secret Language of Stock Chart.
  • What is candlestick charting, and how can it help you make better trades?
  • Unlock the Power of Candlestick Patterns to Boost Your Trading Success.
  • How to Get Alerts, Signals, and Confirmation from Candlesticks.
  • Learn from the Pros and Profit like a Pro: Real-Life Examples of Stock Trades.
  • From Swing Trading to Day Trading: The Many Faces of Trading and How to Choose the Right One for You.
  • Yes, the session will be conducted in both Hindi and English to ensure that everyone can understand.
  • No, the recording of the session will not be available.
  • Yes, there will be a dedicated time for Q&A at the end of the session to clear any doubts or queries. Please feel free to ask any questions related to the topic being discussed.