Basics of SEO

If you are managing your website yourself, this article will let you understand the basic techniques of optimizing your site according to search engines. SEO not only helps a website to get good rank and page position on search results but it also helps the search engines to find the relevant website and display the relevant results. The keyword or keyphrase is the only important factor.

Let us first try to understand what is keyword and keyphrase:

How to do SEO yourself

Whenever we search something on a search engine like google, bing or any other search engine, we enter some word that we want to find like news, laptops, smartphones, college, restaurant etc. and after that millions of results appear in multiple pages. If we observe, we will find that particular word in all the results. This particular word that we had entered and has been found in results is called the keyword. Most of the times we don’t just search the keyword alone, we try to find the keyword by entering a short sentence or phrase like, top news of the world, laptops having longer battery backup, smartphones with camera, management colleges, best restaurant of the town etc. This makes our search more defined and clear and the short sentence or phrase that we entered and found in our results is called the keyphrase.

It is now clear that how important is the keyword. SEO is Search Engine Optimization that means the entire website including Domain, Content, URLs, Text, Images, Videos, Titles and Code of the website should be optimized to be found on search engine index.

Steps involved in SEO:

  1. Identify the focus keyword. This is the fundamental criteria of SEO. List down the keyword under which you want your website to appear in search results. You can use many free keyword research tools for the same.
  2. Select a domain that should contain the keyword, e.g. you are buying a domain for hotel then the domain should contain the word hotel like or You can go for other domain extensions as well depending on your website category.
  3. Now you have to design webpages for your website. You can develop your website using some CMS like WordPress or Joomla or you can also use the coding language like html, php or asp.
  4. The url of page e.g. (http://domainname/pagename) should also contain the relevant keyword or keyphrase
  5. The title of webpage should also contain the focus keyword or keyphrase. The search engine would look for the keywords on your title as well. Therefore, for better results try to avoid simple titles like home, about us, contact us. You can use them for navigation purpose.
  6. Start writing the content for your webpage that should contain keyword or keyphrase in the first paragraph, middle paragraph and concluding paragraphs. Make sure you donot over stuff your content with the same. You have to maintain keyword density between 2% to 4%.
  7. In your content you should have headings (h1 and h2 tags) for better results.
  8. Create Meta Description more relevant.
  9. Start adding images. A graphic rich content is always preferred by readers and search engines. While uploading an image, make sure your image is also fully optimized. It should be light in weight i.e. should immediately load even if speed of the internet is slow. Avoid heavy images. Each image should be renamed keeping the relevance in mind. If you are uploading an image for a function, it should be renamed as title-function.jpg. Similarly the image title, caption and alt tag should be properly written, which must relate to main content of the page. Always avoid the default file names of images like DSC1001 or long file names, which come automatically when you download files from some other source like social websites
  10. Your videos should also be properly optimized. You can either upload a video on your own website or on some video sharing website like youtube or vimeo. Here also the size, format, title and tags are to be focused.

Even by using and following these basic rules of SEO you can achieve better rank and position on search engines. There are other things, which you have to apply for better results, like having sitemap, indexing your site on search engines, using proper css, minify your java script and html, reducing server response time. You can also use free but powerful tools like analytics, search console and webmaster to monitor your website. The most important rule that you must follow is “always create your original content, never copy content from other websites or sources”

Happy SEO !!!

Ashish Bhagoria
Managing Director
Ashnet Consulting Private Limited