A person who is working for our organization can be on contract or an employee or a business associate but why is the person associated with us. In today’s turbulent, often chaotic environment, most of the people work for two factors, greed or fear. Everyone has these two factors in life. If we understand how to deal with these two factors, we can deal with people easily and comfortably and provide them a feeling of workplace wellness because motivation is that wonderful vigor, force, and thrill that employees use up when they are enthused to contribute by goals, expectations, incentives, and roles.

We can mold people to work according to us. Getting things done from others is Management, in which people have to do our jobs or assignments and they have to work according to us. Now, the question arises that why will they work for us. They will work only for the two above mentioned factors, Greed and Fear.

Greed is the most important factor and is bigger in size. Why greed and what for is the greed? Human needs are unlimited and are varied as well. There are needs of body and protection. Someone needs more money to enjoy life full of comfort and luxury, someone wants to be famous, yet others want higher position in the organization and want to do big in life. All these needs may be driven by greed for financial abundance and joie de vivre from the small things of life. But, it does not necessarily mean that a person is looking at something materialistic and wants to acquire it. Greed is a factor which can motivate people. It is a very good thing that people should be greedy especially for business. When we are hiring people we need to make sure that we are hiring greedy people, because if the people are greedy we can get our work done according to us.

Second factor is fear, while doing business and dealing with external agencies or employees in a complex situation or in life we come across people who are not greedy but still we want them to work according to us. How can we do it?  In this scenario, we have to identify fear in the person. Fear is a kind of feeling where we are afraid of losing something, like fear of losing job. If we give targets to our employees and they don’t work for money then, they will work out of fear of losing the job. They will perform better because they know that if they don’t perform they will lose their job. If they lose the job they will not have money and it will become difficult for them to survive. So fear factor is a very interesting thing. In most cases we ignore it. Every person has some fear in life, and this fear issue can do wonders, it is a phenomenal thing. In my personal experience of dealing with people whom I offered huge sum of money and it didn’t work, I tried to understand what their fear was and what was the loss they wanted to avoid? When I identified that fear I was able to deal with that them with no trouble and was able to motivate them to work and got my job done.

In business we also come across a third category of people, who are less in number. These people do not work for greed or fear but the reason for them to work is self-satisfaction. They are the people who know what to do and when to do but we simply have to unleash their potential. These are the people, who do what they love and love what they do. We cannot avoid this group of people because if handled carefully they can be assets. These people should be given work which will challenge them and after finishing it they should feel proud of their accomplishment. Remember, every individual is different, their capacity to work is different, their thinking is different and their logics are different. Some people are hard working and some people are smart working, we can deal with every category of people.


Written By: Ashish Bhagoria