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Who is a Consultant?

A consultant is a person who is an expert of something and provides advice and solutions to Clients as Services. Consultant has knowledge of applying skills for solving problems of Clients and also provides unique Services.

How does a Consultant Earn?

A Consultant earns by charging Fees from the Clients for providing various Services.

How does a Consultant provide Services to Clients?

A Consultant provides Services in following way

  • Understands the requirements and problems of the Clients
  • Finds a Solution to the Problem
  • Provides Advice and Guidance
  • Creates a Plan of Action and Strategy
  • Implements and Executes the Work
  • Delivers Own Services
  • Gets the work done by Others
  • Manages the Project
  • Trains and Coaches the Clients

    What types of Consultants are there?

    A Consultant can be from any category. In fact Consulting Services cannot be limited to any specific field. Still here are some examples: Management Consultant, Business Consultant, Technology Consultant, IT Consultant, Digital Consultant, Health and Fitness Consultant, Yoga Consultant, Career Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Design and Graphic Consultant, Travel Consultant, Financial Consultant, Relationship Consultant, Beauty and Lifestyle Consultant, Media Consultant, Education Consultant, Tax Consultant, Accounts Consultant, Franchise Consultant, Startup Consultant and many more

    Who should become a Consultant?

    • Who doesn’t want to do a 9 to 5 type of Job
    • Who doesn’t have huge investment for starting a new business
    • Who has ability to train and guide others
    • Who wants to solve real life and business problems
    • Who wants to accepts challenges
    • Who is passionate about creating own identity

    Why Consulting is Best Career?

    • A Consultant generally doesn’t need big infrastructure and staff
    • Consulting Services can be provided even from home
    • There are no boundaries and geographical limitations
    • Consulting Career doesn’t require much investment
    • A Consultant has freedom and flexibility to work
    • Consulting is a respectable profession
    • A Consultant builds bigger Network
    • A Consultant is known as an Expert and Authority of the field
    • A Consultant becomes popular and famous like a Celebrity
    • A Consultant builds personal Brand
    • Consulting Career has huge potential across world
    • Consulting has multiple options of earning money

      Who is a Successful Consultant?

      A Successful Consultant never stops learning and always invests on gaining knowledge and connecting with people.

      How Can I become a Consultant?

      1. Identify your Passion
      2. Know your Skills
      3. Identify your Niche
      4. Create your Own Services
      5. Develop a Business Model
      6. Create your Digital Positioning
      7. Market and Promote your Services
      8. Connect with Potential Clients
      9. Sell your Services

      How much time will it take?

      You will learn and implement this entire process in 9 Weeks. There will be live one hour interactive Session with our Experts every alternate day and you will be sharing your reports and activities through other digital platforms like email and discussion groups.

      Who will Train Me?

      Ashnet Consulting Private Limited has worked successfully with various Government, Non-Government and Business Organizations. The company, on its formation had acquired previously running ventures of its management, which were operational since 1998.

      This Program will be directly conducted by Mr Ashish Bhagoria, Founder & Managing Director of Ashnet Consulting Private Limited and his Team. He is also an author of the Book “Managing Business through Human Psychology”. He has twenty two years of Business Experience of running more than twelve own businesses. He has spent more than fourteen years in providing training to 5000+ students. Ashish has helped many clients in growing their businesses and building their brands through his Consulting Services.

      How Can I Learn and Implement this Process?

      Our program is focused on building your successful Career as Consultant. You will also be implementing this process in real-time for your actual Professional Career during this program. We will train you online on one-to-one basis on achieving your above goals.

      I want to get started. How can I enroll myself?

      Is there any option where I can start my Consulting Business by providing Services of some already established Consulting Company to my Clients and get this training also?

      Yes, you can become our Associate Consultant and start your Consulting Career straightaway. If you don’t have your own Services and Business Model, you can offer our Services to your Clients in the areas of Business Consultancy, Technology Consultancy and Management Consultancy. Your main role will be to get the Clients and to deal with them. The Strategy and Execution will be provided by our experts.

      We will also give you regular training on all parameters required for your Consulting Business.

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